H E Y,  H E L L O !

I ' M     L E A H.



I'm a coffee addict.  I drink iced Americano's everyday, even in the winter.

My love for Mexican food is controlling my life.

Animals are my first love, and I have worked in many animal-related fields over the past two decades. I photograph a lot of animal portraits for my personal work in my free time. You can follow my updates and Instagram print shop here. I also sell prints right here!

I grew up in Illinois, but have lived in San Diego, Hawaii, and the Philippines.  I currently reside outside Chicago with my husband, Julio, and our two rescued mutts:  Dempsey and Carmelita.  Carmelita has her own Instagram account here that I am really bad about updating. #toomanyinstagramaccounts

My father is the driving force behind my love for photography. He was a commercial photographer working in advertising in Chicago who lost his battle with lung cancer when I was seven years old. The reason I create is because of him. It's the closest thing I can do to keep his memory alive and it's a reminder that a part of him is always working through me.

As a follower of Jesus, I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, dignity, respect and above all else, love. As your photographer, I hope to visually compose a beautiful story that is unique to you.  My innermost desire is to show you what a incredible person you are. Because, you matter.


"You don't have a Soul, you are a Soul.  You have a body."   C.S. Lewis


 partnerships/brands :

Patrón, Silverado Records, VCA Animal Hospitals, RefleKTion Salon, Rocksbox, eos, Pert Plus and Wheatland Animal Hospital

my kids. xoxo

my kids. xoxo