After shooting their engagement session back in January, Desi contacted me about designing a photo album that could be used as a guest signing album at their wedding.  After a lot of research, I ended up designing their album through KISS Books.  To be honest, I was a little skeptical since I had never seen or held any of their products in person--especially because we were printing a smaller, thinner album.  BUT, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING.  This little album arrived at my doorstep and completely blew me away.  Beautiful, substantial quality from cover-to-cover.  I have printed books through other companies in the past and this album is far superior.  I loved it so much that I actually (finally?) began designing my OWN wedding album through them (only 2 and a half years behind on that guy--whoops.) 

All the album details and options will be listed on my website and I will be offering discounts for my any of my past clients toward any size album.  Contact me for details and pricing.

This is the 10 spread, 8x8 Linen Album, in Valentine.


Rosie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday.  Stephanie, her mom, just recently discovered she had cancer and was not well enough for chemotherapy.  Her mom, wanting to make the most of her little Ro-dog's rapidly declining health, decided to create a bucket list weekend for Rosie including:  Car rides, walks, trips to the park, Two Boston's Pet Boutique for toys and treats, a birthday party, anything she wanted to eat (including liver!) and unlimited cuddling and snuggling.  When I learned of Rosie's situation on Friday night, I offered to make some memories for Steph and Rosie over the weekend since their remaining time was so limited. 

It breaks my heart that she had such a short time with Rosie.  Working in a veterinary hospital, I regularly assist people and their pets navigate through euthanasia, but it hits even harder when a friend or co-worker has to be the one standing in line.  It has caused me to reflect more and more now after recently shooting some portraits of another friend's greyhound who had also been diagnosed with cancer.  He passed three weeks after our session.  Losing a pet is one of THE HARDEST things a person will go through in life.  I've been through it.  And, I literally have to watch and help people go through it...like, weekly.  It's the worst.  But, maybe my purpose in that is changing.  If I can provide someone the smallest inkling of comfort through the medium of photography, then maybe it can ease their despair by focusing on the love, laughter and joy they shared together...until they meet again.

"Best friends live forever through the memories we keep."


Mike and Desiree were engaged back in the fall, "on the Day of the Dead, actually," Mike informed me.  He contacted me about setting up an engagement session when we had a good weather opportunity.  While I was realistically preparing for something in March, we ended up scheduling a last minute session on a warm, January morning (which is a very ironic statement for anyone residing in Chicago.)   Mike happens to be a long time friend of mine and I was looking forward to meeting his beautiful fiance, Desiree, or Desi as he calls her.  While en route to the city, they told me all about how they met, the ring, the proposal and how they are planning a wedding in Miami later in the fall.  Together they were so easy to photograph, laughing all day and going along with my crazy ideas.  I loved it.


Sooooo I'm only a few months behind on blogging sessions from the fall since I was traveling the entire month of November and then the holidays hit...so now I'm trying to play catch up.  NBD.

Justin and Tara met me early one morning at St. James Farm in Warrenville back in October which was actually pretty cold despite the mild fall we were having.  Regardless, they powered through like old pros.  I loved the connection between them.  Justin would whisper bad jokes to Tara which, in-turn, produced the most heartfelt responses between the two of them.  He also brought his little 'old man' dog, Max, who obliged us by posing for a few photos before returning to the warmth of the car.