Welp.  Another Kristen on the blog.

This Kristen is a long time friend of mine....I'm honestly not even sure when we met, but it was sometime while we were both in high school through a mutual friend.  As with most people our age, we rarely see a lot of the friends that we once spent countless hours with during our teenage years due to just being older, busy and well, let's be honest....tired.  Basically, I was really happy when she reached out asking to do some pictures.

We ended up at Danada Equestrian Center (a regular spot for me--especially when I was in photo school) for a little golden hour session.  I somehow forgot that it was October for a second, but every other photographer in the western suburbs was out there to remind me that this is the time of year that people go ape over fall portraits.  I wasn't going to let it deter us.  So...with a lot of maneuvering, a medium amount of negotiating, and a fair amount of goofy faces, screaming, laughter and sibling punching...we still succeeded at what we set out to do.